Abstract Wallpapers

Enter a world where colors, shapes and textures come together to create captivating works of art for your walls.
My abstract wallpaper collection includes watercolors, paintings, smudge techniques and more that will give your home a modern and artistic feel.
Individual dimensions

Individual dimensions
The motif and cut are adjusted to size for free.

A homage to art

I bring the beauty of abstract art straight to your home. Each design in this collection is more than just a wallpaper - it's a carefully curated work of art that pushes the boundaries of creativity and transforms your living space into a gallery.

A kaleidoscope of creativity

From soft watercolors to bold geometric shapes, my abstract wallpapers are a celebration of diversity and innovation in art. They offer an endless palette of colors and patterns waiting to transform your space into a visual experience.

Exquisite materials for a home art gallery

High quality is the core of my abstract wallpaper collection. Printed on premium non-woven material, they not only guarantee an impressive display of the artwork, but also promise longevity and easy handling.

Custom art for individual spaces

I understand that every space and every personality has its own story. That's why with me, you can design any abstract wallpaper according to your ideas. Whether adapting to specific room dimensions or color preferences, I'm here to make your vision a reality.

Easy to install masterpieces

Effortlessly transform your walls into stunning works of art. My abstract wallpapers are designed for easy installation, so you can quickly and easily change the look of your room. And if you have any questions, I, Sindy, will be there for you personally to help.

Be inspired by Unik Nordic's abstract wallpapers and bring modern art and unique aesthetics into your home. Experience how abstract art enriches your everyday life and transforms your rooms into places of inspiration.