Animal Wallpapers For Children

Enter the enchanting world of animal wallpapers for children's rooms and nurseries
Explore a variety of lovingly designed motifs that transform your home into a harmonious natural paradise, full of forest magic, jungle adventures and safari encounters. My specially designed animal wallpapers depict a wonderful world of rabbits, deer, elephants, birds and other forest animals in vivid scenes that stimulate your child's imagination and create a personal environment that is safe and conducive to development.
Individual dimensions

Individual dimensions
The motif and cut are adjusted to size for free.

Movable individual motifs

Movable individual motifs
With this label, the individual elements are movable.

Selectable colors

Selectable colors
With this label, you can choose the colors yourself.

Nature, fantasy and security

I have made it my mission to create an environment for the smallest family members that not only stimulates their imagination, but also promotes their development. My animal wallpapers are a visual highlight in every child's room and contribute to your child's healthy mental development.

Encouraging creativity and imagination

Each wallpaper from my collection is carefully designed to stimulate your children's curiosity and creativity. From gentle hares in the forest to majestic elephants in the savannah, my designs take children on a fascinating journey of discovery through the world of animals.

Soothing color scheme

The colors of my animal wallpapers are specially selected to create a calming yet stimulating atmosphere in the children's room. The soft color palettes contribute to a relaxing environment that supports your child's development and well-being.

Conducive and safe

All animal wallpapers are 100% free of harmful substances and animal products, thus guaranteeing a healthy environment. Made from high-quality non-woven material, they offer a particularly tear-resistant quality of 180 g/m². You can rest assured that your child's environment will be safe and nurturing.

Individual adaptation for every home

I understand that every home and personality is unique. That's why you can customize the animal wallpapers individually according to your wishes. Whether you prefer a specific color palette, want a specific pattern in a different size, or need a design that fits the unique characteristics of your space, I'll make sure your wallpaper is as unique as you are.

Easy installation for a perfect home

Installation is very easy, with pre-cut and numbered panels, your child's room will quickly be transformed into an enchanting animal paradise. And if you need support, I, Sindy, will be there for you personally to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Be inspired by the variety and beauty of animal wallpapers at Unik Nordic and create a home that is not only beautiful, but also a safe and inspiring place for your child.