Natur­tapeten für Kinder

Nature Wallpapers For Children

Enter a world in which walls come to life and bring the... 

Beliebte Motive für Kinder

Popular Motifs For Children

Immerse yourself in the magical world of popular children's motifs - a... 

Tier­tapeten für Kinder

Animal Wallpapers For Children

Enter the enchanting world of animal wallpapers for children's rooms and nurseriesExplore... 

  • Safe & Valuable

    My wallpapers are designed to be free of harmful substances and educationally valuable. For the healthy development of your child!

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    No matter what questions you have, I'm always there for you and will help you find the perfect motif before you buy.

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  • design

    All motifs will be adapted to the format you ordered. You can also have many customized to your liking.

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  • Unique motifs

    Motifs designed by international artists and myself guarantee you uniqueness.

  • Berlin print

    All of my wallpapers are made and extensively tested by a great printing company in Adlershof.

  • calculator

    You can easily find out the price for your wallpaper using the calculator on each product page.

  • Assembly

    The tracks arrive to you already cut and numbered.
    Paste the wall, attach the panels - DONE!

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  • My passion

    Design, printing and interiors are my passions.
    Would you like to know more about me?

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Popular Children's Wallpapers

Discover the wallpapers that will transform any child's room wall into a wonderland! My wallpapers, designed specifically for the little ones, arouse curiosity and imagination with every detail. Here, where adventure lives on the walls and dreams show their colors, I create safe, inspiring spaces full of creativity.

Crafted with attention to detail, free of everything that doesn't belong, and ready to bring the stories you and your children love to life on the walls. Easy to install, designed for endless fun and designed to make family moments even more magical.

Give your child a room that is more than just a place to sleep - a little world of their own in which they can grow, dream and be whoever they want. With a wallpaper that is as unique as your child.

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