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Photo Wallpaper Home Gym - The Original

Photo Wallpaper Home Gym - The Original

The original stucco wallpaper from YouTube

Do you dream of a fitness room that not only appeals to your muscles but also your soul? With my tailor-made photo wallpapers I create a space full of inspiration and motivation for you. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the old building style with my photo wallpaper, which shows a white wall with elegant stucco elements and opens a mysterious door to another world. What makes this wallpaper so special? It was designed by myself - a unique work of art that cannot be found anywhere else. Re-fall in love with your home and design it individually according to your wishes.

High quality material

The wallpaper is made from particularly strong non-woven material . This heavy quality of 180 g/m² makes it extremely easy and safe to apply.

Naturally, all materials used are free from harmful substances and vapors.

Shipping faster

Shipping to Germany is free for purchases over €60. This applies to any wallpaper from approx. 2.7 m².

Below that, shipping will cost you €4.90.

Measure walls

Please measure your wall precisely and round up to the nearest 10 centimeters if there are irregularities, especially on old walls, to ensure that the wallpaper fits perfectly. If you are unsure, it is better to round up a little more generously to compensate for any deviations.

If you wish, you can also upload a sketch when ordering in which you describe your wall in more detail. For example, including windows, doors or sloping ceilings. I will take these into account when designing your wallpaper.

Customization options

All my wallpapers are customized exactly to the size you order, free of charge. This means that the entire motif is cut to your size.

In this motif with customizable design, all elements are also arranged individually so that nothing important is cut off by an edge, a door or a window.

Easy to install

Applying my wallpapers is particularly easy. Paste the wall, apply the wallpaper, adjust - done. It really is that easy!

Self-adhesive wallpaper can't be moved once it's on the wall, so putting it up is much more nerve-wracking.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is very important to me. That's why I'm happy to take care of you - from the very first moment until you can proudly admire your unique wallpaper on your wall.

See for yourself in the customer gallery how happy my customers are!

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Opening up spaces and expanding horizons

Elegance and space in your home

With my architecture wallpapers, I bring the splendor and elegance of intricately designed stucco walls into your home. These wallpapers are not just simple wall coverings - they are portals to other worlds. Imagine entering a room and your eyes fall on an exquisite stucco wall that opens up to reveal landscapes, vibrant cities or mysterious rooms beyond. Drawing on the ideas of a fit and conscious lifestyle that inspires millions, these motifs are a symbol of openness, expansiveness and the connection between inner and outer worlds.

Limitless spaces

A tribute to movement and style

Each architecture wallpaper is a tribute to movement, freedom and the art of fine style. The motifs, inspired by the elegant and conscious way of life, lend any room an aura of luxury and vision. They literally push the boundaries of your four walls and transform simple spaces into artful, inspiring environments. The carefully chosen perspectives and depth of the images create an illusion that makes the room appear larger and more open. With these wallpapers, every wall becomes a work of art that captures the eye and sends the mind on a journey.

Delighted customers

Quality that convinces

My wallpapers stand for first-class quality and unique design. Made from tear-resistant fleece, they impress with their longevity and special motifs - and this is also confirmed by the enthusiastic feedback from my customers.

Sindy persönlich

Consistent advice

From the idea to the wall

My priority is consistent, personal advice . I accompany you from the first idea to the perfect implementation on your wall to guarantee a result that inspires you.

Your wall, your style

Be unique

Let yourself be invited to develop your personality in every corner of your home. Every wallpaper I design is a canvas for your uniqueness. Let's create spaces together that are as unique as you are.

Eine Tapete wird angebracht

Easy to install

Uncomplicated assembly

Unik Nordic stands for easy assembly. My wallpapers are designed so that you can easily install them yourself - perfect for all DIY enthusiasts. Enjoy the sense of achievement of beautifying your home with your own hands.

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